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The league plans to hire up to 17 full-time officials before next season, according to the NFL’s vice president of football ops, Troy Vincent. Cheap NFL Jerseys.Until now, the NFL has been the only major pro sports league without game officials that work full-time.Cheap Jerseys.The news about the hires comes as both coaches and players have complained about missed or incorrect calls by refs.Authentic Wholesale Jerseys.Still, the NFL’s part-time officials have an accuracy rate of over 97%.Gilbride said that whoever becomes the head coach of the Jaguars will need to bring a very experienced offensive staff to help fix Blake Bortles, whom he said looked “absolutely awful” at times this year. That person will not be Gilbride himself, who told me that he would not come out of retirement to join a coaching staff at this point.At first blush, Coughlin would seem to be an odd fit in Jacksonville even with Caldwell mentioning the need for discipline. The Jaguars have gained the reputation as a next-generation franchise with an increased interest in advanced statistics. They also have one of the youngest teams in the NFL.

According to Vincent, hiring full-time officials will make it possible for the NFL to train and work with them in the offseason. Cheap Baseball Jerseys.Officials are currently off from February after the Super Bowl until April when they have their health physicals.Cheap Hockey Jerseys.Many current officials argue that they’re already working about 40 hours a week, even though it’s a part-time job.Wholesale NFL Jerseys.Green also noted that the NFL schedule is unlike that of other pro sports leagues.”He’s pretty much established the way he is,” Gilbride said. “That is not to discount that he’s not constantly seeking out new trends that are going on offensively and defensively. New thoughts with nutrition and conditioning. He’s always doing that. It’s a thing he relishes and cherishes most of all. There were times he would bring stuff in — I saw this team do this and that team do that — and I would say ‘that’s great Tom, but it doesn’t fit with what we got.’ It’s something that is enjoyable to him. That’s what he wants to do. Does he like to learn? Yeah. Would he change who he is? Nah.While the carousel has just started turning in Jacksonville, we already have an interesting pool of candidates.

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