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There’s a really consistent theme to the teams at the top of that list — Hall of Fame quarterbacks.Of the top four teams on that list, the 49ers had Joe Montana and Steve Young for all of that run, the Patriots had/have Tom Brady, the Colts had Peyton Manning, and the Cowboys of 75-81 had Roger Staubach (for most of it, anyway, and then for the final two seasons Danny White, who may be better than is remembered today).Cheap Jerseys China.The list of the those to do it six teams consists of some of the most memorable teams in NFL history — the Troy Aikman-led Cowboys who won three Super Bowls in four years; the early Tom Landry-era Cowboys who probably should have won more than the one Super Bowl they did; the Dolphins who went 14-0 in 1972; and the Chuck Knox-Rams, who never did get to a Super Bowl, largely for seeming want of an elite QB (and therein is a lesson for another day).Wholesale Football Jerseys.Even the list of those to do it five times has some really memorable teams on it — the Mike Ditka-Bears, the Steel Curtain Pittsburgh teams that won four Super Bowls in six years overall, and the Joe Gibbs-era Washington teams that were part of winning three Super Bowls in nine seasons. Also included in the list of those to do it five times are two Philadelphia teams that combined to get to just one Super Bowl without a win (and illustrating well why Eagles’ fans have so much apparent angst).It’s a group the Seahawks can join Sunday. Cheap NFL Jerseys China.And while it’s hardly the ultimate goal of this or any season, it still speaks loudly to what the franchise has accomplished the last few years.


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