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These new full-time hires will join existing crews of part-time officials as an eighth man on the field. Cheap NFL Jerseys.Current part-time officials won’t have their status changed to full-time.But before the NFL starts hiring, it needs official approval from the league’s Referees Association.Cheap Jerseys.Green, who is a retired ref and the association’s executive director, said the union is fine with the NFL “using some full-time officials under certain circumstances including equitable compensation, benefits, clearly documented work duties and employee protections.”Two-time Super Bowl winner Jimmy Johnson believed the worst stance an NFL head coach could take was a refusal to admit a mistake — because then he has to confront it every day.After two months of watching Brock Osweiler hold the Houston Texans’ offense hostage, coach Bill O’Brien is no longer looking at his mistake.O’Brien confirmed Monday that Tom Savage will take over as the starting quarterback after the 2014 fourth-round draft pick replaced an ineffective Osweiler in Sunday’s stirring comeback victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

According to Vincent, hiring full-time officials will make it possible for the NFL to train and work with them in the offseason.Wholesale Jerseys. Officials are currently off from February after the Super Bowl until April when they have their health physicals.Cheap NHL Jerseys.Many current officials argue that they’re already working about 40 hours a week, even though it’s a part-time job.Green also noted that the NFL schedule is unlike that of other pro sports leagues.Sporting an easy, natural throwing motion with a stronger arm and a softer touch, Savage re-opened possibilities outside the numbers and down the field.Whereas Osweiler had left those all-important areas abandoned in favor of a compressed, tight end-centric aerial attack that rarely challenged opposing defenses, Savage finally unlocked Pro Bowl wideout DeAndre Hopkins’ potential while incorporating speedy rookies Will Fuller and Wendall Williams on deep balls.Cheap Baseball Jerseys.As a concession to Osweiler’s obvious limitations, O’Brien had compromised the offense to reduce costly mistakes and rely more heavily on an overburdened ground attack.

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