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Cheap Jerseys China.The Cowboys crushed the 2016 NFL Draft, nabbing perhaps the best pure running back in the game along with a franchise quarterback. Elliott is helped by a tremendous offensive line, but he is the real deal as an elite player. It is not always smart money to bet on a running back in dynasty, but Zeke, Le’Veon Bell and David Johnson are exceptions to that line of thinking. While I would certainly explore the idea of selling him for a young wide receiver plus additional players, Elliott is one of those rare backs that you will want to hold onto for a long time. Cheap NFL Jerseys.Turning 22 in August, there is no reason to think he won’t continue approach 2,000 total yards and double-digit TDs for the next five years. He is a no-brainer first round selection in dynasty startup drafts. As dominant as Elliott was, Prescott outshined him thanks to minimal expectations and a much later draft slot. He completed nearly 68% of his passes and threw only four interceptions all season. Part of that was due to conservative play-calling, but make no mistake — Prescott is a game-changing talent. In dynasty leagues, he was a late round rookie selection or even a waiver wire pickup who turned into an invaluable asset. Much like Elliott, thanks to all the hype around his performance, Prescott is likely to be overvalued by other owners. That is something to strongly consider this offseason as you assess the rest of your team. If you have another franchise QB on your roster, it may be time to shop one or both around to see what kind of return you can get. Regression in overall numbers is possible as a sophomore, but you have to be excited about the situation and talent around him.NFL Jerseys Wholesale.


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